This Gorgeous To Do List App Is So Good It Just Hit #1 In The App Store

clear to do list app

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

We all know that making to-do lists is way more fun than actually doing anything.This is especially the case when you use Clear, a new app launching today on the App Store for $0.99 that has already hit #1.

Here’s how it works >

Clear is straight up one of the most beautiful and inspired apps we’ve ever used, and it makes managing tasks super simple.

Clear is the opposite of cult favourite OmniFocus, which has about a million features.

Using Clear is like using a very pretty piece of notepad paper to jot down things you need to do, and that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for.

But maybe most of all, marking items as finished in Clear is just so satisfying.

This is Clear, a brilliant new task management app from Impending Inc.

Clear organizes to do items into a neat prioritised list, with the most important items at the top.

Pinch two items apart to insert a new to do item in the middle.

Or pull down on your list to create a new to do item at the top of your list.

Here's where you type in a to do item. The app only lets you type one line of text, which really keeps things nice and simple.

To complete a task, swipe it to the right. A lovely chime accompanies the action, which makes you feel good.

To quickly delete a task for good, swipe it to the left.

Tap and hold an item to move it around.

Pinch your fingers inward to zoom out... you pinch more, your other lists fall into place.

You can make as many lists as you want.

There aren't too many settings to configure inside Clear, but one option is to change the app's colour palette, which is cool.

What ultimately makes Clear so special is the attention to detail. The icon looks stunning, and we love the quotes that show up inside empty lists of yours.

When you open the app, it even gives you a brief and useful explainer on how to use the app.

Clear isn't perfect, however.

Clear is a fantastic app, but some of its sound effects are just downright annoying.

We can't leave our phone's sound on because the signature 'Clear' sound (when you clear out a bunch of items you've completed) is just too embarrassing to hear in public. The rest of the sounds effects in the app are brilliant.

Fortunately, our phone's always on vibrate anyway so we don't have to choose.

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