Clear Channel (CCU) Sells Local Ads Through Google (GOOG)


A confusing story in AdAge reports that radio giant Clear Channel Communications (CCU) is reselling Google keywords to local advertisers. This has been going on since 2004, apparently — again, we found the story unusually hard to parse.

We do understand, however, that this is an encouraging trend for both radio, which needs to find ways to boost online revenue as traditional sales stagnate, and for Google and other search players, who need to find ways to boost local search. So far ClearChannel says it has sold 20,000 keyword searches at $120 a year to 15,000 local advertisers. Perhaps they can sell more if execs like Brian Vest, Clear Channel head of local online sales, don’t speak of their clients as if they are country bumpkins: “They’re local-radio advertisers — they’re not asking us for the CPMs and the CPCs [cost-per-clicks] yet.”

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