Clean Coal Is Too Expensive For China

coal power plant tbi

It might be time to throw out any dream of “clean coal” in China.

Bloomberg reports on a new study finding that it would cost $400 billion over the next 30 years to install carbon capture technology. The whole point of using coal as an electricity producer is that it’s a cheap source of energy. Adding on the capture technology changes that.

The only way China is interested in clean coal is if the U.S. and other western countries kick in a few bucks to lower the costs. Good luck getting a politician to tell his constituents that he’s approved hundreds of billions in spending for China.

Besides, why waste $400 billion trying to maintain an older system of power generation? Why not put that money into research and development of alternative energy, or even spend some it trying out some of those wacky geo-engineering ideas, like fake carbon capturing trees?

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