Clay Matthews Lays The Smack Down On Dolph Ziggler

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What would you do if you just won the Super Bowl? If you are Aaron Rodgers you go to the David Letterman Show. If you are Clay Matthews you not only go to WWE SmackDown but you get a 24-hour licence to become a pro wrestling referee and spoil the day for Vickie Guerrero.AP Defensive Player of the Year runner up and brand new Super Bowl champion, Clay Matthews and the Green Bay Packers continued their post game celebration by attending a SmackDown taping in Green Bay Tuesday night. The Packers and their families were treated like royalty by the WWE. Matthews even got to be a part of the show in the biggest angle of the night.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world heavyweight title version 122.5 took place Tuesday night at the SmackDown tapings. Vickie Guerrero served as special guest referee for the match. As you could expect Vickie tried to fast count Edge a few times. Edge speared Dolph Ziggler a few times but Vickie went down with an ankle injury preventing her from counting.Reports than indicate that  Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews then hit the ring with a referee shirt to make the three-count and award Edge the win. Members of the Packers then joined Edge and Matthews for a post-match celebration which will close the show on the SyFY channel.

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