Clay Aiken slams 'boring' 'American Idol': 'I know why the ratings are down'

The 15th and final season of ‘American Idol’ kicked off this week, but one former contestant was extremely unimpressed.

Clay Aiken, who was the second season’s runner-up, live-tweeted while watching the show “for the first time in a decade” and was bored with what he saw, claiming he understood why the ratings are low.

“Those boring a** responses from the judges!? Where is Simon [Cowell] when you need him!?” he tweeted.

He added that Cowell was the reason for the popularity of “American Idol” at its peak.

He watched to see contestants from Raleigh, North Carolina, and then switched over to ABC’s “Black-ish,” on which Tyra Banks was a guest star.

Aiken then sent a series of tweets about why he was being hard on the show, saying, “We’re all more criticial of the things we care about most,” and likening watching the show to rooting for a favourite sports team.

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