An artist Photoshops classic art onto modern-day scenes, and the results are hilarious

‘Starry Night Trip’ by Hayati Evren @hayatininevreni/Instagram
  • Artist Hayati Evren Photoshops classic paintings onto modern-day images for hilarious new takes.
  • His Instagram following is steadily growing, with 70,500 followers currently consuming his work.
  • Popular characters throughout his work include Vincent van Gogh, the “Mona Lisa,” and the “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

Visual designer Hayati Evren (Hayati’nin Evreni onInstagram, which means “Hayati’s Universe” in Turkish) has turned his passion for classic art into hilarious, contemporary marvels. The 27-year-old from Cyprus reinvents iconic paintings and photos by Photoshopping them onto modern-day images, and has amassed a following of 70,500 Instagram followers who love his refreshing takes.

From the “Mona Lisa” to “Girl with a Pearl Earring” to famous memes, anything is fair game.

Keep scrolling to see what famous artworks could look like if they’d been made today.

Evren began learning to use Photoshop as a teenager.

Vincent van Gogh as Batman. Hayati Evren

“The internet was not very common at that time,” he told INSIDER about the beginnings of his hobby. “There was no tutorial videos.”

“I’m still learning,” he said.

He began by editing car photos, teaching himself as he went.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ as Harley Quinn. Hayati Evren

He kept at it, getting better and better at using the tool, and his work was eventually published in newspapers and magazines.

Eventually, he began working in advertising, though not for long.

‘The Scream’ in the Upside Down. Hayati Evren

It didn’t take long before Evren decided to leave the profession, however, and start life anew. “I opened a new page for myself,” he said.

He quickly went back to creating “interesting” work, as he called it, with Photoshop.

Salt Bae does ‘The Last Supper.’ Hayati Evren
He has a love for classic art that steers his work. For Evren, looking at paintings is “like reading a novel.” Every detail “tells you something.”

He found that a very specific type of his work was attracting attention: classic images juxtaposed with the new.

Peter Paul Rubens’ ‘Bacchanalia’ post Burger King. Hayati Evren

“When I realised that the arrangements I made on the classic paintings were drawing attention,” he said, “I focused more on that.”

Inspiration, he said, comes from life.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ with dreadlocks. Hayati Evren

“I take inspiration from the behaviour of every living thing,” he said. “I want to draw attention to the current situation by combining old and new.”

How long does it take Evren to create each image? Some take just 30 minutes, others take days.

Vincent van Gogh as a hipster. Hayati Evren

Here he gives the self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh a hipster look, tattoos and all.

Evren makes a new image almost every day.

Vincent van Gogh on Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam.’ Hayati Evren

Doing this work is therapy, said Evren. Every completed piece is a relief.

‘Penitent Mary Magdalene’ unravels her headphones. Hayati Evren

His favourite piece thus far is “Starry Night Trip.”

‘The Starry Night’ goes to space. @hayatininevreni/Instagram

“Every time I look, I dream that I am with them,” he said of his favourite creation.

In fact, the latter is also the most popular piece on his site.

The ‘Mona Lisa’ with new eyewear. Hayati Evren

Other popular work includes other paintings from Vincent van Gogh’s cannon and reimaginings of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and the “Mona Lisa.”

Sometimes, Evren takes inspiration from television, including shows like “Rick and Morty.”

Rick and Morty entering Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom in Arles.’ Hayati Evren

He even takes classic art and fuses it with popular memes.

Famous meme featuring the ‘Mona Lisa,’ ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and Vincent van Gogh. Hayati Evren

Here he turns the “Mona Lisa,” “Girl With a Pearl Earring” and Vincent van Gogh into the famous “Love Triangle Meme.”

Other times, Evren takes on famous monuments.

The Statue of Liberty commutes. Hayati Evren

Here the Statue of Liberty rides the bus, something every commuter can relate to.

Evren finds all kinds of ways to combine the old with the new.

Millennial Frida Kahlo. Hayati Evren

Here he turns Frida Kahlo into a modern-day millennial, camera, pet dog, jean shorts and all.

If you have a hobby you’re interested in, Evren encourages you to keep at it.

Vincent van Gogh and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ take a family selfie. Hayati Evren

“Learn to focus on what you want to do,” he told INSIDER. “Educate yourself everyday!”

For anyone interested in owning his work, it’s available to buy online in all sorts of formats.

A subject from Alessandro Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’ is turned into a painter. Hayati Evren

You can buy his work as framed prints, tote bags, or even as flip flops.

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