Professional Chef And Other Readers Sue Lance Armstrong Over His 'Memoir'

lance armstrong oprah interviewLance Armstrong

Photo: YouTube/OWN

Professional chef and cycling enthusiast Jonathan Wheeler is trying to teach Lance Armstrong “a lesson” by joining a class action lawsuit over the disgraced cyclist’s memoir, News 10 ABC reports.Wheeler is one of 100 plaintiffs suing Armstrong and several publishers, claiming his book “It’s Not About the Bike, My Journey Back to Life” never should have been marketed as nonfiction.

He and another plaintiff, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger staffer Rob Stutzman, say they urged several friends to read the book and never would have done so if they’d known Armstrong was doping.

Stutzman says he doesn’t read a lot but was inspired by Armstrong’s story, according to ABC.

Legal analyst Bill Portanova told ABC that consumers sometimes file lawsuits like these even though they don’t have much of a shot at succeeding.

“Sometimes they are filed because the bad guys who’ve been lying and cheating and make it all the way to the top deserve to be bothered,” Portanova said.

Still, Lanstrong stands to be bothered by so many lawsuits that heĀ could be forced to file for bankruptcy.

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