Check Out The Crazy, Neon 'Offices' Of This Silicon Valley Scavenger Hunt Startup

Clash JoeCLASHCLASH founder and CEO Joe Garvey

CLASH isn’t your typical company, so it makes sense that its “office” spaces are quirky too.

Founded by Joe Garvey in 2012, CLASH is a social scavenger hunt startup that has hosted events for major Silicon Valley tech companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Lyft, Vox, Yelp, Pinterest, Fitbit, Cisco, Pandora, and Sony, among others.

Garvey describes the hunts — which typically involve drinking, neon facepaint, and goofy pictures — as “high octane.”

Instead of your regular cubicle-filled office, CLASH has three locations, each one chock-full of neon colours and a touch of the wild side.

The most recent addition to Garvey's CLASH empire is the Romper Room, a bar he opened in San Francisco's Union Square.

Because many of CLASH's scavenger hunts start with a drink or two, Garvey says the two businesses support each other perfectly.

There's plenty of room, because next to the bar area is a staircase that leads up to the...

Leopard Lounge!

Garvey says that having the bar will allow CLASH to expand from just scavenger hunts to other team building activities.

For example, cocktail competitions and tech trivia.

(Worth noting that the Romper Room's drinks are delicious.)

Besides the Romper Room, CLASH also has 'The Clubhouse.'

Scavenger hunts often start here, too.

(Maybe after a few rounds of skeeball.)

The lights are all made out of fanny packs.

And the place is packed with swag for scavenger hunt participants.

Generally, CLASH's mantra is 'Team building that doesn't suck'

And its ethos clearly appeals to Silicon Valley tech companies who are looking for new ways to boost team spirit.

The last part of CLASH HQ looks the most like a normal office.

But with way more neon sweatbands.

The whole place feels really bright and playful.

And well-equipped for having a good time.

Garvey says the company is on track to reel in $US1 million in revenue this year.

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