New Zealand's 'first fisherman' Clarke Gayford just posted a photo of a close encounter with a shark and debunked a myth about how helpful dolphins are


Fans of Flipper might wish to stop reading now and look away.

New Zealand’s “first fisherman” Clarke Gayford has exploded a childhood myth about dolphins’ willingness to help out a human in trouble.

The Prime Minister’s partner has posted a photo of him sandwiched between a dolphin and a shark.

The image shows him batting away a bronze whaler with a pole at an undisclosed location, with the aquatic mammal seemingly watching on impassively.

“So it turns out that not only do Dolphins not help, they actually quite like watching,” the host of Prime’s Fish of the Day lamented in his post. “A childhood myth is ruined.”

No doubt the dolphin will be hoping its lack of action doesn’t influence any announcements for marine mammal protection in Thursday’s budget.

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