Turn Your iPhone Into A Laptop Using The Clambook


Photo: Clamcase

Your mobile phone has some impressive internals.The Clambook is a product that aims to use your smartphone’s computing power to turn it into a laptop.

You can use your favourite apps on a much larger screen and browse the web using your phone’s data connection.

It’s an exciting prospect for the road warrior who always needs internet access and the ability to travel light.

It’s due out at the holiday season, available through Clamcase.com.

Clambook is designed to dock...

...with your smartphone

Use your apps on a larger screen

It looks just like any other laptop

Since your smartphone powers it, the Clambook is incredibly thin

Use it for email, browsing the web, and running whatever apps you like

It can quickly become a mobile workstation that uses your phone's data connection to access the internet

Fold it down to size when you're done

But not before playing some games

We're excited about taking a look once this comes out

Want to get even more out of your iPhone?

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