This Is The Most Optimistic Thing We've Heard On The Debt Ceiling In A Long Time

In Davos, I asked Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) her take on the upcoming debt ceiling fight.

Now granted, she’s a Democrat, and nobody can know exactly what Republicans will do. But her comments about what’s likely to happen were the most optimistic comments anyone has said on the subject in a while.

Here’s her comments in full when I asked if things are likely to go to the 11th hour. The key line is bolded at the end.

I don’t think we will. I think one of the reasons that politically it was such an attractive shiny object to some on the right is that Americans thought that by raising the debt ceiling, we were authorizing additional spending. I think more Americans understand now. It’s just making good, that we don’t want to be deadbeats. We’re supposed to be the most powerful economy in the world, certainly we can’t welsh on our obligations. So I think it will be less dramatic, much to the chagrin of the news media. I think it will be much less dramatic this time and hopefully calmer heads will prevail and we won’t even come close to the deadline.

Yesterday I asked Republican Senator Bob Corker the same thing, and he also hinted at a more calm outcome, though wasn’t certain that there wouldn’t be a fight.

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