College coach for player who scored Super Bowl-clinching touchdown said he shouldn’t join the Broncos because Peyton Manning wouldn’t give him the ball

Cj anderson 2
C.J. Anderson scored the only offensive touchdown for the Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Ezra Shaw/Getty

After an up-and-down 2015 season, Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson came through on the NFL’s biggest stage.

Anderson was named the Broncos’ starting running back for Super Bowl 50  — a job he didn’t always have during the season.

However, during the big game, Anderson came through with a big performance, rushing for 90 yards, including the game-sealing touchdown to put the Broncos up 22-10.

Now, for Anderson, who went undrafted in 2013, the decision to sign with Denver as a free agent looks like a good one, despite his junior college coach’s advice.

In a profile of Anderson from Jeff Faraudo of the Bay Area News, John Beam of Laney Junior College said of Anderson signing with the Broncos:

“Why would you sign with Denver? You’re never going to get the ball. They have got Peyton Manning (at quarterback), and they’re going to throw the ball every time.”

Anderson’s rookie season with Denver was uninspiring, as he had only five carries for 38 yards. However, his breakout moment came in 2014, as he rushed for over 800 yards, had over 300 receiving yards, totaling 10 touchdowns.

This season, Anderson came through after battling injuries and occasionally losing his starting job to Ronnie Hillman. However, as Anderson got healthy and picked up his play, he resumed his role as the top back for Denver. And he couldn’t have been better for the Broncos, as he punched in the deciding touchdown.

And, of course, on a Broncos team that remodeled itself to take pressure off Peyton, Anderson became a vital part of the offence, proving Beam wrong.


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