12-13 Killed In Hostage Standoff At Binghamton Immigration centre


Update: Judging from multiple reports, it appears the death toll as it stands is 12-13.

Also, according to NBC news, the gunman — who was acting alone — has been killed.

Original post: A gunman is holding 41 people hostage at the American Civic Association in Binghamton NY:

“We’re on full alert anticipating we’re going to get additional casualties,” Ms. Miller said.

The American Civic Association describes itself as helping immigrants and refugees with counseling, resettlement, citizenship, family reunification and translators. It also intervenes with emergencies, including fighting, hunger and homelessness, according to information from the association’s Web site.

CNN says at least 4 people have been killed.

Maybe it’s just a crazed gunman. But if you’re looking for a sign of a civil unrest-related crime, which many folks are sharply attuned to, an immigration centre would be a likely spot.

Update: Pressconnects.com is the Binghamton news site closely covering the events.

WBNG news a TV affiliate in Binghamton says there could be as many as a dozen casualty.


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