MIT Researchers Created A Tiny Apartment That You Can Control With Your Hands

Space comes at a premium in big cities like New York and San Francisco.

Tiny-apartment dwellers could get some relief with CityHome, a new project from MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group that would help to make the most of a small space.

CityHome is essentially a mechanical box, about the size of a closet, with compartments that respond to gestures, touch, and voice. Efficient internal motors eject each compartment from a central module, making it easy to convert your apartment to suit your needs.

“This would work well in the 30 to 40 Innovation Cities where young people are priced out of the market,” lead researcher Kent Larson said to Fast Co. Design. “At $US1,000 per square foot in Boston, the extra cost of technology is trivial compared to space saved for a furnished apartment.”

With just a small movement of your hand, you could bring out a table space and make your apartment ready for a dinner party.

There’s a high-tech hideaway bed in the compartment underneath.

You could create your own office space, too.

The entire system could also be moved over a few feet in each direction.

And you can adjust the shades and lighting to fit the mood.

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