City Of Las Vegas Is So Angry About Leaked Prince Harry Naked Pics It Made This Ad

las vegas prince harry naked ad

The Queen isn’t the only one clutching her pearls over Prince Harry’s naked pictures.

After photos of the Prince playing strip billiards at Las Vegas’ Wynn hotel made its way to the internet and cover of the The Sun, Sin City, itself, is outraged that a photog broke the code: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

Never one to overlook a marketing opportunity, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority too out a full-page ad in USA Today that reads, in huge letters, “FOR SHAME! TO THOSE OF YOU WHO TRADED IN THEIR PLEDGE TO THEIR LAS VEGAS BRETHREN, WE DEPLORE YOU.”

The ad continues:

We are calling on you, the defenders of what happens in Vegas staying in its rightful place — in Vegas. We are asking for a shun on these exploiters of Prince Harry. We shall boycott partying of any kind with them. No bottle service. No bikini clad girls. No Bucatini from Batali. In other words, we will not play with them anymore.

Vegas travellers are encouraged to submit an oath to follow the code on Las Vegas’ official website.

“Las Vegas is a place to celebrate adult freedom, freedom that even celebrities and royals can enjoy,” Vegas senior vp of marketing, Cathy Tull, said in a statement. “For everyone’s sake, it’s important that ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.'”