Can You Guess Which City In America Has The Most Sex?

Trojan has just released the results of its annual “sex census,” and good news for the people of Los Angeles — they’re having more sex than anyone else in the country, an average of 135 times per year.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the sex is any good. Philadelphians report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, with 82% of respondents there saying they are sexually fulfilled. Just 75% of Angelenos said the same.

Regionally, the Northeast comes out on top — people there have sex an average of 130 times per year, compared to folks in the West, where the average is 120, and the South, where the average is just 114.

Northeasterners are also the safest, with 43% saying they use a condom during sex.

Check out the chart below to see if your hometown is getting it on.


Photo: Trojan

The results of the census are based on two surveys conducted by a market research firm. The first was a national survey of 1,000 adults conducted online, and the second was an online survey of around 2,000 adults in 10 major U.S. cities.

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