A third of bonus-earners are expecting a bigger payout this year

Banking profits might be shrinking and volatility hitting the financial markets, but many in the City expect bigger bonuses this year.

According to a study by recruitment firm Astbury Marsden, more than a third of staff of bonus-earners expect a bigger payout in the next couple of months for their work in 2015.

About 35% of people who earn a bonus are expecting a hike, which is a little less than last year.

Despite the small drop, on the whole most finance workers are happy with their pay.

“When looking at overall satisfaction with remuneration, over one third (35%) are satisfied with their package, with a further 7% who are very satisfied,” Adam Jackson, Astbury Marsden’s managing director for Europe, said in the report. “Just 23% are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. This suggests that employees are comfortable about the remuneration they are receiving.”

Here’s what that looks like charted:

And here’s how the size of the bonus changes depending on seniority in the City:

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