Go Inside The Futuristic NYC Hotel Where Practically Everything Is Controlled By Tablet [PHOTOS]

CitizenM, a new hotel in New York City’s Times Square, is a beautiful combination of high tech and high design.

Guests check in using a station of touchscreen computers, and each room can be customised using a sleek Samsung Galaxy tablet. Artwork by Andy Warhol and David LaChapelle line the walls.

CitizenM operates branches in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Glasgow, and Paris. In April, the boutique hotel chain opened the new location in Times Square, its first in the United States.

The brand’s emphasis is on affordable luxury. Each of the 230 rooms has the same layout, and rates start at $US199 a night.

The hotel is both artistic and futuristic, with some stunning design details and impressive technology.

Welcome to citizenM Times Square.

Even before you enter the hotel, you'll see a wall full of art and knickknacks.

There's no reception desk at this hotel. Instead, guests use this kiosk of touchscreen computers to check in, though hotel 'ambassadors' in red shirts stand close by if you need help.

The system is easy to use, and you can check in, activate your key card, or check out in just a few steps.

To the right of the check-in area is this lovely lobby area.

There's also this long table for groups.

A lot of the art you'll see around the lobby actually comes from the citizenM founder's private collection.

Other pieces, like this 26-foot installation by Julian Opie, were commissioned just for the hotel.

Guests have lots of sleek seating areas to choose from in this lobby.

It feels a lot like a living room.

In a separate wing, the hotel sells products from Mendo. This is the Dutch bookseller's first U.S. location.

Towards the back, the 24-hour canteen has a wide selection of food and drinks.

There's also this buffet area with beverages and baked goods.

And here's where you can sit to eat it.

Outside, a lovely seating area has more artwork and free Wi-Fi for both hotel guests and visitors.

This piece is a shout-out to the hotel's new home.

Upstairs on the mezzanine, there are desktop computers set up in case you need to get some work done.

You get an awesome view of the lobby from up here.

And if you'd rather sit outside, there's a terrace that looks out over the street.

There are lots of funny little slogans all over the hotel. We spotted this one on the elevator ride up to the room.

The tone is very snarky all around, like these signs mocking classic pieces of art.

This wall greeted us to the sixteenth floor.

In another blending of tech and art, the hotel installed carpeting with Google map images of New York City.

The room itself is pretty small, with this king-size bed taking up most of the room. Note the snarky pillows.

There's a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall.

The really awesome part of the room, though, is the automation system built into this Samsung Galaxy tablet. You can control everything in the room, from the temperature to the blinds.

You can play music, watch TV, or browse the Internet from here as well.

You can even choose what artwork you want to appear in the digital frame on the wall.

Another highlight of the room is the bathroom area. The sink and mirror are located in the main part of the room.

But the shower is closed off in its own little pod. It's got a very futuristic look to it.

Here's what it looks like inside the shower.

We decided to play around with the shower's lighting a bit.

With just the touch of a button, the shower pod turned green.

Even the soap has some sass.

For a more low-tech experience, the gym has this terrace with a special yoga deck that looks out over the city.

There's even more cool art up here.

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