VIDEO: Here's The Chilling First Trailer For 'Citizenfour' -- The Edward Snowden Documentary

Ahead of the limited premiere of Laura Poitras’ documentary film “Citizenfour” about the Edward Snowden saga, a chilling 90-second trailer has been released.

The film, which will have its wide release on Oct. 24, has been billed as a “real-life thriller” that tells the story of Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor.

In May 2013, he took a trove of top-secret documents from the spy agency and fled the country to Hong Kong, where he handed them over to Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald. He ultimately made his way to Moscow where he still remains under asylum.

While working on a film about government surveillance in Jan. 2012, Poitras began receiving encrypted emails from a person who identified himself as “citizen four.”

It was Snowden, who according to the trailer, wrote, “I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you was extremely high-risk.”

Watch the trailer:

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