Citi's top 10 Christmas gifts in Australia for 2017

Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

This Christmas doesn’t have that one hot gift, a toy or plaything everyone wants.

Citi analysts, in a note to clients, say there are popular items and toys but they are similar to the ones in 2016.

“Christmas 2017 lacks the killer gift,” the analysts write.

Hatchimals were the hot gift of 2016 and they are popular for 2017 but there is nothing standing out as new to the market.

“Given December can be more than one-quarter of a retailer’s yearly profit, success during Christmas is vital,” the citi analysts write.

“The signs are not great because the lead-up has been soft, discounting has been pulled forward and there are few ‘must-have’ items this year.’

Here are Citi’s picks for the top 10 Christmas gifts this year:

    Hatchimal Colleggtibles – Product extension of popular Hatchimals. Collectible series.
    Star Wars Lego – A combination of two global franchises.
    L.O.L Dolls – Bowl-shaped container with 50 toys inside. Unboxing theme.
    Call of Duty – WW2 – Most popular gaming franchise; second largest release for the title.
    Google Home – Brings the digital assistant to life; some discounting.
    xBox One – Next generation console; better graphics and processing power.
    Wireless Headphones – Available across all major brands. Bluetooth more popular.
    Aesop – High quality, plant based personal care products.
    Tri-Fold Wallet – Three section wallet, folds twice; increased fashion focus.
    Pom-pom keychain – Popular fashion accessory with seasonal spin.

“The growing theme in retail is personalisation of gifts from biscuit packets to purses to shoes,” says Citi.

“Retailers have partially embraced but not necessarily exploit the idea to its full extent.

“Myer was early with Nutella and Mon Purse but has struggled to own the idea in our view.”

“In electronics, Bluetooth headphones are popular, but pricing is typically sharp and headphones were popular in 2016 as well.”

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