8 cities that are starting to go car-free

Earlier this month, the city of Oslo decided to ban all cars from its city center by 2019.

The Norwegian capital will replace 35 miles of roads previously dominated by cars with bike lanes.

It’s not the only city taking the car-free plunge. Urban planners and policy makers around the world have started to imagine cities with more spaces for pedestrians.

Here are eight cities leading the car-free movement. 

People in Chengdu, China will be able to walk anywhere in 15 minutes or less.

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Chicago-based architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill designed a modern suburb for the Chinese city. The plan makes it easier to walk than drive, with city streets designed so that people can walk anywhere in 15 minutes.

While not a complete car ban, only half of the roads in the 80,000-person city will allow vehicles. The firm originally planned to make this happen by 2020, but zoning issues are delaying the deadline.

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