The 10 U.S. Cities That Pay The Most For Gas


Here’s your current map of gas misery, from

Across California people are staring at prices close to four dollars, with some cities closer to five.

Alaska, Hawaii, the New York area and parts of Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon also face extreme prices.

The last time prices were this high was in 2008.

10) Glennallen, Alaska: $4.20 a gallon

9) Kahului, Hawaii: $4.27 a gallon

8) Manhattan, New York: $4.35 a gallon

7) Los Angeles, California: $4.39 a gallon

6) King's City, California: $4.39 a gallon

5) Santa Monica, California: $4.39 a gallon

4) Mammoth Lakes, California: $4.47 a gallon

3) Point Loma, California: $4.49 a gallon

2) San Diego, California: $4.49 a gallon

1) West Covina, California: $4.95 a gallon

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