Everything You Need To Know About The $661 Billion Tobacco Industry

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Photo: Juan Nosé via Flickr

A few months ago Citi warned that smoking would virtually disappear by 2050.Despite this prediction, the bank has identified geographic regions where cigarette use is growing. Worldwide tobacco sales total an impressive $661 billion.

A few facts from Citi’s report include:

  • Cigarettes account for 91% of all tobacco sold in the world
  • People are smoking less in the EU, but Asia is referred to as “Where the growth is”
  • Latin America is described as a small market that is “”Regaining ground”

Following are charts and graphs outlining the world’s continuing tobacco use.

Global tobacco sales currently total $661 billion

But numbers of smokers are going down in most parts of the world

A spike in volume in 2008 when the global financial crisis swung into full effect, but an over 2% drop in 2010

Marlboro continues to enjoy strong sales and recognition

Latin America saw a slight increase in tobacco use in 2010

This is a growth region, as only 17% of Brazil's population used tobacco

Europeans continue to use the most tobacco

Though the Spanish are smoking much less than four years ago

Americans bought 122 billion Marlboros last year

Marlboro claimed 50% of cigarettes sold in the U.S.

Tobacco sales haven't shown a year-over-year growth since 1995

Volume in The EU is down more than the global average

Italians and Germans smoke more than any other EU country

But nowhere near the 40% of Russians that smoked in 2009

U.S. Sales have declined due in part to increased excise taxes

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