Citi managed to get two rare pairs of Snap Spectacles to Sydney

Graduate Clare Needham films a visit to Sydney’s Plumpton High School where she and other Citi graduates spoke to students about a career in finance. Image: Supplied.

Snap Spectacles, the sunglasses with miniature cameras made by Snapchat’s parent company, are being used in Australia to lure the best graduate employees to financial services multinational Citi.

The glasses, not yet on sale in Australia and still very hard to get in the US, are recording video to show candidates what a day-in-the-life at Citi Australia might look like.

Citi collected 14 pairs of Spectacles, at $US130 each, over three trips to a New York City pop-up store.

There are limits on how many pairs one person can buy (Business Insider has a review here). It took two members of Citi’s social media team in the US, plus one member’s parents, to collect the 14 pairs.

They have been distributed to Citi’s five regions around the world including two to the Sydney offices.

Students at Sydney’s Plumpton High School were yesterday among the first in Australia to see Snap Spectacles in action by two Citi graduate employees, Clare Needham and Melissa Chan, who spoke to them about careers in finance.

Here’s a clip taken with the glasses:

“What we liked about Snap Spectacles was it allowed potential recruits to get a bird’s eye view and follow someone around as they did they job,” James Mitchell, Citi Australia’s head of campus recruiting, told Business Insider.

“The war for young talent is real, competition for graduates is fierce and Citi Australia aims to attract the best. Social media channels are an important recruiting tool for millennials and allow us to peak their interest and interact with them on a more personal level.”

Teams at the bank will use the spectacles to record town hall meetings and other activities as a way to show prospective candidates what a day in the life at Citi looks like.

The videos will be showcased on Citi’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.