Look What Citigroup Employees Got For The Bank's 200th Birthday

In every family, there’s a relative who gives the weirdest gifts. In the Citi family, that would be Uncle Vik (CEO Vikram Pandit) himself. 

Citigroup, which celebrated its 200th birthday earlier this month, gave each of its employees a small commemorative porcelain bowl with the following inscription:

“Thank you for your valued contribution to our rich heritage and our bright future”

Nice message. But we do have one question — is it an ash tray? According to our sources at Citi, that’s what everyone’s been calling it. 

Either way, we’re curious—what would you store in your porcelain Citi box?

(We’re not going to lie, we’d prefer UBS’ 150th anniversary swatch)

Update: Someone is already selling their box on Ebay. It’s all yours for $49.99. 

citi box

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