There Was An Army Of Citi Bikes Under The Williamsburg Bridge During The Blizzard [PHOTOS]

Freezing cold temperatures and heavy snow from last week’s storm meant that many of New York’s Citi Bikes went unused.

However the hundreds of bikes sitting at docking stations around the city could have been buried under snow and ice, creating a hazard for traffic and snow plows.

In an effort to prevent snow buildup at select docking stations, hundreds of the bikes were moved to Citi Bike maintenance headquarters, located under the Williamsburg Bridge at Delancey Street. According to Bowery Boogie, it was a precautionary move by the Department of Transportation and NYC Bike Share, which operates the Citi Bike program.

Bowery Boogie shared their photos of the Citi Bike army with Business Insider.

The relocation is part of the program’s response to concerns that the docking stations would pose a problem once ice and snow arrived. The system will shut down completely if conditions become too severe for biking, though it remained in operation throughout last week’s storm.

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