A Rider On One Of NYC's New Citi Bikes Was Hit By A Car

new york city nyc citi bike share station

Three days after the launch of New York’s Citi Bike program, a cyclist on one of the blue borrowed bikes was hit by an SUV at the intersection of MacDougal St. and Houston St, in the West Village.

According to the AP, the cyclist, in his mid-20s, was trying to beat a changing light when he was struck by a 2013 Toyota, and was thrown onto the windshield. The driver had the green light.

He reportedly sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The crash, the first since the opening of Citi Bike, highlights concerns that biking in New York can be dangerous, especially as the program does not provide helmets, which are not required for adults in New York City.

According to the city, the average risk of serious injury for cyclists dropped by 73% between 2000 and 2011, even as the rate of cycling more than doubled.

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