Citi Analysts Love Wall-E, Box Office Success Means More Profits For THQ

Citi analysts, writing in a note on THQ (THQI), took time to channel their inner children and gush about “Wall-E,” the new Pixar animated film, to which they were treated an early screening:

We attended a special early screening of Wall-E. Our take? ET + “Johnny 5 is Alive” from Short Circuit + R2D2 + Curious George = Wall-E, the cutest cinematic robot ever.

That’s some of the most confusing maths we’ve ever seen. Less confusing, however, is how Wall-E promises to bring THQ lots of profit:

For THQI, the good news is the movie continues Pixar’s reputation for digital animation excellence, the better news is the main characters and storyline of Wall-E are very video game friendly (like 8M unit selling Cars, unlike 4.5M unit selling Ratatouille), and interestingly we think Wall-E will appeal to both girls and boys which could boost the potential audience for the game.

Citi rates THQ as Buy/Speculative and maintains its $29 target price.

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