Cisco Now Has 10,000 Server Customers, But HP Shouldn’t Be Worried

Cisco HP servers
From Cisco’s ‘Worst Predictions in History’ channel on YouTube

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Cisco loves nothing more than to sling mud at its favourite competitor: HP. The company’s announcement of another milestone for its server product was one part praise for itself and one part bashing HP.

Cisco revealed today that it now had 10,000 customers for its Unified Computing System blade servers — one of Cisco’s most successful products in recent years.

It proudly proclaims that it now sits at No. 3 in market share for this particular type of server, behind HP and IBM based on revenue, according to IDC.

Blade servers are an enterprise favourite. They can be expanded simply by adding another electrical circuit board — or “blade” — to a chassis.

Cisco points out that over the past two years, its market share has climbed about 17% while HP’s has inched up only 2.7% and postures “You Do the maths.”

It’s even posted a video called The Worst Predictions in History. Among predictions that the automobile, Albert Einstein and Apple Computer would never amount to anything is a quote by a top HP sales guy, Randy Seidl, from 2010 saying, “A year from now UCS is dead.”

No, Seidl, UCS isn’t dead. But Cisco seems oblivious to some of the data in its own charts. HP is sitting pretty with 50.5 per cent of this market. IBM is at 19.2 per cent and Cisco at 19.4.  If HP grew its share over 2% in two years, that’s an awful lot of revenue in real numbers, meaning HP must be crying all the way to the bank.

Blade server market share

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