Virginia Court Goes Around Legislature's Decision To Deny Gay Judge's Appointment

Tracy Thorne-Begland

Photo: Equality Virginia

The Virginia Circuit Court went behind the state assembly’s back and countered its decision to block the judicial appointment of an openly gay candidate.Virginia’s top-notch law firms recently lobbied the court, which can appoint judges when the assembly isn’t in session, to put Tracy Thorne-Bergland on the bench.

He was officially denied the position for allegedly violating Navy regulations when he spoke out against “don’t ask, don’t tell,” according to the Washington Post.

But Republican lawmaker Richard Morris – who voted against Thorne-Bergland – recently acknowledged that the accusation was flawed because the prosecutor wasn’t in uniform when he spoke

Thorne-Bergland will now serve in the position until the next General Assembly session.

Virginia State Senator Donald McEachin praised the court for “putting aside bigotry, prejudice, and false excuses,” the Washington Post reported.

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