Take a look inside Circle -- the app that lets you send money like a text message

Personal finance has progressed in leaps and bounds since Apple launched the iPhone in 2007.

Circle, the Boston-based internet bank started in 2013, launched its payments app on Wednesday, partnering with UK bank Barclays.

It runs on the blockchain network, the technology that underpins cyber currency Bitcoin, and so payments can be sent instantly to contacts like a text message.

You can add gifs or emojis to the payment, and the app processes both dollar and UK sterling amounts.

It’s backed by $76 million of venture capital, which includes a $50 million investment from Goldman Sachs.

“We think money should work the way the internet works, like with email or texting.” Circle CEO and co-founder Jeremy Allaire said in an interview in London.

It’s on both iOS and Android. Here’s what Circle looks like on your phone.

This is the main screen of the app and shows your balance, along with your message and payments history.


You can convert it to dollars instantly if you wish. Circle works in the UK and US.


If a contact owes you money, you can select them from the request money screen and nudge them to pay you.


You can set the amount down to the pence.


Add a message and off you go.


Your payee can accept or deny the request. You can include a gif from Giphy to convince them to accept.


Sending money to someone is just as easy. You type in the amount and add it to a message.


The money hits the other person's account instantly, thanks to the blockchain system that underpins the payment app.


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