Circle Pad Pro: 3DS Games That Would Benefit Most

Fact: Nintendo will release its Circle Pad Pro attachment February 7 in the U.S., alongside Capcom’s compatible Resident Evil: Revelations.

From there, games that support the peripheral are few and far between. Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater should work with it, as well as Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (whenever that arrives).

That said, we dove into the 3DS 2012 release calendar and picked a handful of titles that could benefit from the device.

Mario Tennis 3DS


We think Circle Pad Pro would add a new level of depth to doubles matches against the computer, where you’d be able to control both characters on a team with the left and right circle pads, respectively. Sure beats relying on the A.I. to save a point.

Heroes of Ruin


With a variety of 3D dungeons to explore, monsters to kill and loot to grab, it makes sense to allow players to manipulate the camera using another circle pad to avoid unwanted surprises. Besides, no one wants to miss out on a cool sword.

Luigi’s Mansion 2


The GameCube prequel lets you guide Mario’s bro with the left analogue stick and bust ghosts with the right. We vote for the same exact setup in Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Animal Crossing 3DS


In Animal Crossing games past, Nintendo opted for a fixed camera that works just fine. That doesn’t mean, of course, it should remain this way forever. Let us guide the camera with the right circle pad for 360-degree views of our towns. The mayor (ahem, that’s us) demands it.

Crush 3D


Sega’s head scratching puzzle game demands seeing each board from multiple angles. Enter Circle Pad Pro, which would help users decide which parts they should, well, crush.