$8.5 Million Says Silicon Valley Investors Are Still Happy To Throw Money At Startups

One Direction bubble GIF

[credit provider=”Cinemagram”]

So, we’re confused.Supposedly there is a quiet funding crunch for startups trying to raise their first rounds of venture capital.

Wealthy individuals and incubators like Y Combinator have launched dozens of startups into the Silicon Valley fundraising free-for-all, and there simply aren’t enough professional venture-capital investors to fund them all.

Everyone agrees that a slowdown is probably a good idea, because too many silly, small-scale ideas are raising seed funding, distracting would-be entrepreneurs from taking serious jobs at serious companies doing serious things.

And then Cinemagram, a startup whose app turns snippets of video into animated GIFs, goes and raises $8.5 million.

Heaven knows the kids on Tumblr love animated GIFs.

But still.