One of the most famous photographers in history just made her Instagram public and revealed new work

Fine art photographer Cindy Sherman, whose wildly successful career has spanned over 40 years, has recently released a new form of work via Instagram.

Her now-public account was originally created as a private profile last October. Now, with an audience of over 110,000 followers, it reveals photos that have the art world asking if they’re ever meant to be shown as part of a future gallery collection.

Sherman is famous for her carefully executed self-portraits, one of which sold for $US3.89 million in 2011, and currently sits in third place for the most expensive photo print ever sold.    

Below, a sample of her Instagram.   

While Sherman has been using her account to post personal images from her everyday life, her first self portrait was published on the app in May.

Because of Sherman's fine art self-portraiture, these Instagram posts have had people question if these selfies might be part of a larger series of work.

The New York Times noted that it looks like Sherman is using the retouching and makeup apps Facetune and Perfect365 on her photos.

However it's clear that she's using these retouching apps in a way that their developers might not have originally intended.

While Sherman has not yet made a public comment to the press about her Instagram account, she hasn't always been a fan of social media.

An interview with The New York Times last year revealed that Sherman expressed 'contempt for the superficialities of social media.'

Until she makes a more formal statement, her followers can only speculate what her ultra-retouched selfies and Instagram captions might mean.

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