Here's Why A Pack Of Cigarettes Is So Darn Expensive In New York

American smokers, especially in highly-taxed states like New York, like to brag about how many cartons of cheap cigarettes they purchased during travels to cheaper markets.

That’s because excise taxes (SET) vary so much state-to-state. A pack of Marlboro reds will cost you just under $US5 in Kentucky, compared to $US14.50 in New York.

As of October 1, smokers won’t be able to purchase tobacco at CVS, the company announced this morning.

They’ll have to go elsewhere. Based on figures collected by the Awl — which called up gas stations in each state — the average cost for a pack of Marlboro reds is just under $US7 as of this summer.

Here’s a map from Citi that shows state cigarette excise tax rates:

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