The CIA Reveals It Has 52 Osama Bin Laden Death Photos And Videos

osama bin laden

The Obama administration is arguing in court that releasing the death photos and videos of Osama Bin Laden will reveal military secrets and lead to increased violence against U.S. citizens.

According to Politico, papers filed in court late Monday night reveal the Central Intelligence Agency has “52 unique…photographs and/or videorecordings” portraying bin Laden during or after the Abbottabad raid.

No other specifics were made available as the images are all “TOP SECRET” and their release is deemed detrimental to U.S. national security.

From Politico:

“All of the responsive records are the product of a highly sensitive, overseas operation that was conducted under the direction of the CIA,” Bennett wrote, arguing that disclosure of the information would reveal “intelligence activities and/or methods.” He called the photos “gruesome,” and said they depict the gunshot wound to bin Laden’s head. It is unclear whether his descriptions referred to all the images and videos, or just some of them.

The suit is the result of a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch who sued the defence Department for failing to provide the images.

The conservative watchdog group is expected to respond to the governments filings by October 24.

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