How 4-Foot Tall Chuy Bravo Lives In A 'Regular-Size' Home

Chuy Bravo Chelsea Lately


 Bravo is famous for being the 4-foot-tall sidekick to Chelsea Handler on her E! late night talk show, “Chelsea Lately.”Handler often refers to Chuy as her “little nugget,” but the dwarf says he doesn’t let his small stature change the way he lives — even at home.

“Despite being the little nugget that I am, I live in a regular-size home,” he tells the Wall Street Journal.

But, he does have to make a few changes:


  • “I have a huge kitchen with a ton of cabinets—which usually is a good selling point—but I can only reach 12 out of 25.”
  • “I have a case of water under my sink, and my plates and cups are kept in the lower cabinet next to my stove.”

Living Room:

  • “I don’t have lowered light switches or anything; in fact, I have to use extenders so I can open and close my blinds.”
  • “I have a giant couch—and not just giant to me. It fits about eight regular-size people.”


  • “I turned my spare bedroom into a little gym. Most of the time it ends up as a parking lot for my scooters while they are charging.”


  • “Some might expect my bed to be on the floor but, you know, my lady friends would not like that. I have a regular-size bed that is way too big for me and a cute little step so I can get up on it.”

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