Chug Beer With This Top Chef In Her Chicago Restaurant

It’s 11 A.M. on a Friday, an ungodly hour for chefs, bartenders, and rock stars, and 34-year-old Stephanie Izard—chef and co-owner of Windy City restaurant-of-the-moment Girl & the Goat—happens to be all of the above, at least according to the sleepy-eyed, tattooed twentysomething cooks and sous chefs who surround her like groupies.

They’re swapping last night’s stories at a family-style table in the cavernous, rustic-chic space, laughing in unison and, even at this time of day, sipping Brooklyn Lager. “It’s Girl & the Goat,” says Rachel, a cute cook wearing a neon-green head scarf. “There should always be beer.”

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