Chuck Schumer Has A New Plan To Destroy The Tea Party

en. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) will outline on Thursday a new plan that he says will undermine the conservative wing of the Republican Party by driving a wedge between its wealthy donors and the rank-and-file members of the “Tea Party.”

Schumer, one of the Senate Democratic caucus’ top political strategists, will discuss the plan in a speech at the left-leaning Center for American Progress on Thursday. He will argue that the Tea Party has a “fundamental flaw,” and that Democrats can exploit it, according to a preview of his speech.

Schumer will say that uber-wealthy conservative donors have used the grassroots anger born out of the 2008 financial collapse and the election of President Barack Obama to serve their interests. And he’ll say that the interests of the average grassroots Tea Party member and the donors are fundamentally different.

“However there is a glaring weakness — one very weak link in the Tea Party’s armour — which is an inherent contradiction within the Tea Party that I believe can be exposed to greatly weaken their hold on the policy debate,” Schumer will say, according to prepared excerpts of his speech provided to Business Insider by a Senate aide.

“The fundamental weakness in the Tea Party machine is the stark difference between what the leaders of the Tea Party elite, plutocrats like the Koch Brothers want and what the average grassroots Tea Party follower wants.”

Schumer will propose a few steps for Democrats:

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