Internet Freaks Out After Senator Tweets About Doing 'U Kno What' At Dairy Queen

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) drew widespread attention on Twitter Monday afternoon when he made a mysterious proclamation about a Dairy Queen franchise in Iowa.

B1inFhkIQAA1tgBGrassley’s officeSen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) enjoying his Dairy Queen.

Grassley’s tweet instantly led to many jokes including some suggesting he was discussing doing something inappropriate at Dairy Queen.

However, Grassley’s spokeswoman told Business Insider the senator was most likely referring to eating the company’s blended “Blizzard” sundaes.

“I presume he means ice cream or maybe more specifically, a Blizzard,” she said, attaching a photo of the Grassley enjoying some Dairy Queen ice cream.

Grassley, who personally tweets from his account, is well known for his sometimes confusing tweets. That reputation didn’t stop some other people from making fun of the Dairy Queen comment, however:

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