Former Chuck E. Cheese Employee Reveals What It’s Like To Work At A Childhood Paradise

Chuck E Cheese Skytubes

A former Chuck E. Cheese employee recently gave a behind-the-scenes look at the childhood paradise. 

The man dished on misbehaving kids, unsanitary conditions, and dressing up as the mouse as part of a Reddit Ask Me Anything

We compiled his most interesting insights. 

[NOTE: While the employee was verified by Reddit moderators, Business Insider can’t independently confirm his identity.]

His highest skeeball score:

“With the top score being 90,000, I achieved a score of 82,000. Meaning I hit the 1,000 ring 8 out of 9 times.”

On the biggest party Chuck E. Cheese hosted:

“We once had an offer for $100,000 to shut down the place for an entire day and hold one big party. We had to turn it down, because, well, you know, corporate fairness.”

22 kids was the other biggest.”

How how many times kids threw up: 

“Occasional. Though there was one dad who watched his kid puke right in front of the merch counter and just left it there for us to deal with. An absolutely wonderful example of humankind.”

What is Chuck’s middle name

“It stands for Entertainment. Or Evil, if you prefer.”

On his most frustrating moment on the job: 

“In the suit one day, group of bratty kids surrounding me, coworkers oblivious and the kids have me down to my knees trying to pull the damned gloves off. Blargh. Only five minutes later did the parents intervene.”

His best story from his time at Chuck E. Cheese:

“I was standing there talking with a manager one Saturday afternoon when this kid runs up to us doing the potty dance and goes ‘Mister, mister, where’s your bathroom?!?’ Jorge, the manager, points him in the right direction. The kid gets TWO steps, stops and goes ‘Too late!’ Luckily, he was standing on carpet, so we didn’t have to clean up the spray… 

It was carpet. There’s not much you can do for carpet. We sprayed orange cleaner on it, but…'”

On dressing as the mouse:

“Yeah, I was the default Chuck E. Initially, the GM didn’t want me in the suit cos I’m so tall (6’4″) but later relented when there was no one else. I usually did the birthday parties which, if you’ve ever been to one, you have to feel for the guy in the suit. I had my share of punches aimed at the crotch.”

Why he doesn’t work there anymore:

“I moved back home to Charlotte. It’s sort of a long story… but there are days I miss it. I’m currently a crew trainer at McDonald’s… but like I said, there are days I’d go back there in a heartbeat.”