Chuck E. Cheese compares ‘fake currency’ bitcoin to prize tokens, setting up a Twitter feud between the mascot and furious crypto fans

Chuck E. Cheese is bashing bitcoin. Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock

Chuck E. Cheese – the mascot of arcade and pizza chain Chuck E. Cheese’s – is taking on bitcoin lovers on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover tweeted: “Chuck E Cheese tokens are cool and all but I’d rather earn Bitcoin,” along with a link to a ProductHunt page for Satoshis Games, a platform through which users can earn bitcoin by playing games.

Chuck E. Cheese – full name Charles Entertainment Cheese – did not take the insult lightly.

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“To each his own fake currency…” the Twitter account for the mascot responded.

Chuck E. Cheese seems to have insulted some bitcoin fans with his quip, while others were more amused by the situation.^tfw

Bizarrely, Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens and cryptocurrency may have some striking similarities in the eyes of the law. In December,Bloomberg Law reported that crypto tokens that pass a “Chuck-E-Cheese” test, meaning they operate in close environments similar to how prize tokens operate in an arcade, may avoid securities registration requirements.

And, like bitcoin, Chuck E. Cheese’s famous prize tokens are not a physical coin that one can hold onto in 2019. In 2016, the chain announced plans to phase out tokens. Customers now track their Chuck E. Cheese’s earnings on rewards cards.