Chrysler Hedge Funds Getting Death Threats

Barack Obama’s decision to paint the hedge funds in the Chrysler case as anti-American obstructionists is prompting death threats against them.

That’s at least what their lead laywer Thomas Lauria is saying, reports The Detroit News. He said in court that the threats have been turned over to the FBI.

We assume Lauria is being honest — you don’t say this stuff in court and turn it over to the FBI if it’s rubbish — though we’ll note that Lauria is being pretty provocative in his attempt to win the war of public opinion in the Chrysler case. He’s of course been airing the complain that one redoubt, Parella Weinberg, only decided to go along with the Rattner plan upon receiving thuggish threats of intimidation.

Lauria used the death threats as a reason to keep the names of the hedge funds secret.

Sound familiar: It’s almost exactly how the stories played out in the AIG case, as they tried to keep the bonus recipients a secret amidst intense public anger.

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