Chrysler Expected To Fire 300 Employees Friday

In another sign that Cerberus’ plan to take full ownership of Chrysler is a great idea, the WSJ reported that the automaker is expected to fire 300 salaried employees on Friday. (Have a great weekend!)

It seems they haven’t yet met their target of axing 1,000 white-collar jobs by the end of September, and time is running out. Should have taken those buyouts while you had the chance, folks.

WSJ: Chrysler LLC is expected to fire about 300 salaried employees as early as Friday morning in a bid to meet a target of cutting 1,000 white-collar jobs by the end of September, people at the company said.

The auto maker announced the job cuts in July and has offered buyouts and early retirement packages to entice employees to leave the company. But so far it has not gotten enough people to take the offers to meet its target, these people said.

“We’re bracing for Black Friday,” said one Chrysler engineer, who did not want to be named. “The word is we’ll get the news tomorrow morning.”

This should also help improve the “lower than low” morale at the car company.

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