Chrysler Dealers Fight To Stay Alive

When you say that chubby Long Island Jeep dealer nearly crying on CNBC the day they announced that they were going to close his dealership, you knew that this story wasn’t over.

Not surprisingly, the organisations representing the Chrysler dealers have filed to block the closure.

Zero Hedge, which has the filing, highlights this concluding paragraph:

This case is enormously complex and important to the nation’s economy. Moreover, the outcome of these matters will dramatically impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Because of the unprecedented complexity of this proceeding, its tremendous importance, and the extremely short time periods in which the Court must consider the requests of Chrysler, it is essential that the Court have available to it all relevant information. For these reasons, the NDC urges the Court to consider the facts presented herein in assessing the Motions. The NDC also urges the Court, in ruling on Chrysler’s rejection request, not to foreclose the right of any dealer whose contract Chrysler proposes to reject to argue that it is entitled to whatever protections may be afforded by applicable non-bankruptcy law. Any dealer whose contract is proposed to be rejected should have a full and fair opportunity to assert any rights it may have under applicable law.


Chrysler Dealers Filing

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