Google’s Virtual Fireplace Offers Some Valentine’s Day Romance — Kind Of


If you want to snuggle with your sweetie by the fireplace, but you don’t actually have a fireplace, don’t worry.

All you actually need is a Chromecast.

According to Google Play’s Google+ page:

When you listen to Google Play Music on your Chromecast, you can display a cozy fireplace on your TV while your music plays in the background. And yes, it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

You can be the judge of whether it’s actually that awesome.

To turn it on, click on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of Google Play music in your browser.

Google Play Labs

Click on Labs, and then find the “Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer” lab and click “enable.”

Chromecast fireplace

And there you go. A nice, “warm” fireplace to sit near while music plays.

This isn’t the first time Google has offered a fireplace visualizer of sorts for a holiday. Back in December it offered a YouTube channel with an hour-long video of a fireplace that you could send to your TV through a Chromecast.