REPORT: Redbox Instant And Vimeo Are Coming To Chromecast, Google’s New $35 Streaming Video Device

redbox streaming instant

More content will soon be available via Chromecast, the new streaming video device introduced by Google last week.

Vimeo told GigaOM’s Janko Roettgers that it plans on supporting Chromecast.

Even more interesting, there’s rumours that Redbox Instant plans support as well, Roettgers reported. Details were thin, and we reached out to the company and asked.

That said, it wouldn’t be a shocker if Redbox Instant did rush to support Google’s new $35 dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and lets you beam in videos from the Web. 

Redbox Instant already supports Google TV via a bunch of televisions and devices that use it. And it supports other devices like the Xbox.

Given that Google ran out of the limited supply of free three-month subscriptions of Netflix to sell with the new device, it seems likely that a competitor like Redbox Instant would want in on the game.