Chrome Market Share: Way Better Than Netscape! (GOOG)

Because while Chrome has more market share than the Netscape Navigator’s 0.45% — which, yes, AOL put to sleep in 2007 — Google’s latest secret weapon is otherwise in dead last place, trailing even the Opera browser 0.74% to 0.75%.

See the chart on the right for a more detailed breakdown.

One tiny bit of good news for Google’s browsers: The geeks kind of like it — at least more than the rest of the population does. Reports CNET’s Stephen Shankland:

I persuaded CNET’s tech guys to give a window on what’s going on here at CNET News. The result surprised me: 3.6 per cent of those visiting the site in October used Chrome, up from 1 per cent in September, when Google launched Chrome.

That’s higher than I expected. It lagged Microsoft Internet Explorer, with 40.7 per cent, Firefox with 37.4 per cent, and Safari with 18.2 per cent, but beat out Opera, with 1.2 per cent in October. (Other browsers bring the total to 100 per cent.)

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