Google's Chrome Team Is Hard At Work On The OS X Lion Touch Gestures Everyone's Begging For

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Google’s Chrome team is hard at work updating its browser for Mac OS X Lion to play nice with the new operating system’s touch gestures.

When Apple released OS X Lion, some essential gestures many people were used to using were replaced by new gestures.

For example, three-finger swiping left and right used to be used for navigation; in Google Chrome or Safari, swiping with three fingers could move you back or forwards a page in your current web browsing session.

Right now, three finger swiping moves you between different workspaces, which Apple calls Spaces.

Since Apple is using three-finger swipes by default, Google will be instituting two-finger swipes to move backwards and forwards a page.

Since the new Chrome will tie in with Lion’s gestures directly, you will also be able to customise gesture-based navigation further. It would hypothetically be possible to assign four finger swiping to Spaces, and three-finger swiping back to page-based navigation.

Another issue some users have had with Chrome is finicky full-screen support. This is also coming in the next release.

The Chrome update is currently available in a developer release, and won’t be released to the public for another few weeks.

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