Google Chrome Is Already Our favourite Browser On iPhone —These Screenshots Show You Why

chrome for iphone

Google released Chrome for iOS just a little while ago. We already love it.

We love how now we can take our desktop browsing experience mobile on Apple’s smartphones and tablets. 

The browser feels smooth and all our stuff is here waiting for us.

This is the first time we’ve opened the app—but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

That’s because after we signed in with our Google account info, all of our tabs were just there—Web pages we opened on our desktop, our iPhone, our iPad, and our Galaxy S III.

Our initial thoughts: Chrome for iOS rocks!

Tap to open. The icon looks pretty cool.

Chrome has some Terms of Service that you need to agree to.

Sign in with your Google account. This part is important.

We are greeted by the normal Chrome opening page.

Boom! All our bookmarks are here waiting for us and we just signed in.

Here are all the tabs that are currently open on our desktop.

And our accompanying mobile devices.

Business Insider looks good on Chrome.

So does Facebook.

Voice search is built in.

Here are some settings ...

Lets move over to the iPhone version. Tap to open.

Google want us to accept Terms of Service for this version, too. Better safe than sorry.

You have to sign in on a new device.

The iPhone app is nice enough to take us on a tour. Lets see what Google want us to know shall we?

You can search and surf using the same box.

Gestures are built in. This is a nice feature.

Drag from the edge to switch tabs. This works nicely.

Remember, we told you it's really important to sign in.

Incognito is an awesome feature that doesn't remember any of your browsing history.

Just type in the search bar to begin.

Here is the Business Insider mobile site, looking fly.

Chrome already knows BI is one of our bookmarked sites. Here are some other options: We can email this link, search the page, and more.

The rest of the options. We love how we can request for sites to show up as their desktop version instead of the mobile site.

This is how tabs look. Cool.

The keyboard has everything we need.

Swiping between tabs looks really cool.

Here it is again.

This is what the desktop version of the BI site looks like in Chrome.

Here are our mobile bookmarks. The same ones that are on our desktop and iPad.

And finally our tabs that are open across all devices. Awesome!

Check out what's next for Google ...

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